Electricity Distribution Directorate

The Distribution Directorate of the parent company MH ERS is the place where all data on the performanc parameters of distribution companies in the system of the Power Utility of Republic of Srpska are collected, processed and periodically summarized and submitted to the management bodies of MH ERS.

Until recently, performance was measured by the percentages of distribution losses incurred and the degree of collection of accounts receivable for electricity consumed. In recent years, attention has been focused on supply quality parameters, in addition to losses and collection. The change in focus is the result of adjusting to market conditions.

The consumer has become the customer of the service / end customer, the electricity of commodities traded in the wholesale and retail markets, the distribution and supply of electricity by the service industry. Customer / end customer satisfaction becomes imperative.

These changes inevitable lead to the processes of separation of market and non-market activities, and on this basis, in the light of the obligation to meet the requirements of European Union regulations, the separation and reorganization of the distribution activity from the electricity supply activity is carried out.

The Distribution Directorate, shall be organized into two departments: the distribution department and tariff, billing and customer relations department, shall be reorganized to operate in three new functional units dealing with asset management, managing the distribution system and continuously monitoring and improving the quality of electricity delivery, and managing data and market relations. Systematic, planned defined activities on technical improvements of power plants and distribution network, improvements in the field of network management, aim to raise the level of operational readiness and reliability.

Development and improvement of the system for measuring electricity consumption, the activity is in the function of timely and quality preparation and training to respond to challenges of development of retail electricity market.

Reading, energy billing and data delivery in the prescribed format to all suppliers with whom the contract has been concluded ends the „distribution“ and begins the „supply.“

Distribution technical advice is the place where new knowledge embedded in the rulebooks, technical recommendations, techno-economic analyzes, with the aim of arguing the requirements for investments in order to improve the reliability of the system as a whole, and the elaborated technical specifications of equipment and materials, promotes the unifaction of operations and contiuously improves the efficiency of distribution companies.

The Distribution Directorate is open for cooperation, exchange of experiance and joint action, both with all organizational units in the parent company of MH ERS, as well as with related institutions and organizations dealing with matters within the competance of the Directorate.

Young staff ready to accept and respond to challenges that are not thought of in the way of seeking answers to questions or avoiding them are the most important resource of the Distribution Directorate. Changes are being met, happening is an opportunity for learning, growth and development.