Department of Development

The primary activity of Directorate for Development is analyzing and proposing strategic plans and goals for energy development of the company, inspection and implementation of quality systems, as well as protection of environment at the company’s level.

Based on these development and strategic plans for power generation and distribution units, as well as coal mines within the Mixed Holding ERS, the Directorate for Development also coordinates the realization of capital energy projects of interest to the company, in cooperation with other organizational units of the company.

In addition, obligation of the Directorate for Development is to propose system solutions and methods of work in order to improve efficiency of the company as a whole and its individual organizational units.

Directorate for Development performs activities from its domain through Department for Strategy and Department for Ecology.

Department for Strategy

Special role in achieving strategic goals in the Mixed Holding “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske” has the Directorate for development operating through the Department for strategy.

Scope of work of this department includes the development of strategic documents and development plans in the MH “ERS”, as well as monitoring their realization.

Furthermore, this department is in charge of preparation and development of studies and investment-technical documentation, as well as preparation of strategic investment plans in the field of construction of power generation and distribution units, including coal mines within the Mixed Holding “ERS”. In addition, it monitors the process of drafting relevant documentation and provides contractors with the necessary information, until the completion of work.

Department for strategy is responsible for the application of systems of quality, as well as technical standards and regulations.

Department for Ecology

Environmental protection is an important and recognizable element of business operations in the system of Mixed Holding “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske” (MH “ERS”), both in development and strategic planning, as well as in the operational work of power facilities.

Department for ecology operates within the Directorate for development. This department has the task to integrate and lead a unique corporate environmental protection policy at the level of MH “ERS”, and thus policy of sustainable growth.

Within the Subsidiaries of HM “ERS” organizational units have been established (or are in the process to be established) and responsible persons have been appointed, whose task is to address the environmental protection issues and to enable sustainable growth in its companies. These persons are legally responsible for applying and addressing all aspects of environmental protection in their companies.

Legal regulations, standards and EU directives from the field of environmental protection are respected and accordingly business operations and development of MH “ERS” is planned. For that reason, the MH “ERS” systematically communicates with competent ministries and other institutions from the field of environmental protection and actively participates in expert working groups for the preparation and revision of certain regulations from this sector, which affect the activities and business goals of the MH “ERS”.