Paunci HPP

The Drina River is the right and largest tributary of the Sava River and belongs to the Black Sea Basin. It is created by the merging of the rivers Tara and Piva, near Scepan Polje. The catchment area covers the southwestern and western part of the Republic of Serbia, the northern part of the Republic of Montenegro and the eastern part of the Republika Srpska, and covers an area of 19 570 km2.The total length of the basin is about 500 km and the average width is about 100 km. In the upper part of the basin, annual rainfall is 3000 mm and average throughout the basin is 1100 mm.

HPP Paunci is one of the planned hydroelectric power plants in the hydroelectric system on the upper Drina.

Basic technical data of HE Paunci

Hydroelectric Power Plant Paunci is a reservoir which consists of:

  • gravity concrete dams with overflows,
  • machine buildings,
  • reservoirs.

Power N = 43.21 MW,

Production E = 166.9 GWh,

Installed flow rate Qi = 450 m3 / s.

A gravity-concrete dam with overflow and non-overflow sections was adopted.

The angle of the dam crown is at 387 m n. m, the length in the crown is 290 m and the width in the crown is 8 m. The left gravity block is 53 m long, the overflow section consists of seven overflow fields 16.85 m wide, with columns in between, and the right gravity section is 47 m long. The maximum construction height of the dam is 35.7 m.

Normal deceleration angle KNU = 386 m n. m. The total volume of the pool is 5 x 10 m6, while 2.55 x 106 m3 is usable. The operating level is from an elevation of 386 – 381.50 m n. m.

There are 3 units in the machine building. Turbines are tubular.

Two are dimensioned for the installed flow rate of 200 m3 / s and one for the water management minimum of 50 m3 / s.

Total investment is EUR 125.54 mil.


N = 43,21 МW

E = 166,9 GWh

Installed flow:
Qi = 450 m3/s

Investment value:
125,54 million EUR